End-to-end housing solutions provider

Howzing is an end-to-end housing solutions provider, for those who need it most and can afford it least.

Howzing is a housing provider with expertise in real estate, property development and property management. Howzing is a hybrid non-profit corporation. That means we not only utilize federal, state and municipal grants, we can manage private funds and property from investors and can return a small profit to them.

Howzing takes a revolutionary approach to caring for some of the most at-risk members of our community. We provide the structure, support, and guidance people need to move toward greater independence and self-reliance. We welcome not only grants, donations and endowments, but investors as well.

We partner with medical and other professional service providers to provide housing, rehabilitation, counseling, and food service with priorities given to housing for Senior, Veterans, the disabled and people with low and no Income.

And we treat everyone, regardless of background, with dignity and respect. But don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.

Our Mission

Howzing is a hybrid non-profit corporation that uses our expertise in property acquisition, development and management to alleviate America’s homelessness problem.

The Howzing Team

Becoming a team member offers many rewards, including adding a touch of human kindness to the world.

Mahnaz Khazen ( MK) Shadman Ph.D., CCIM, CPM, MRICS
Founder, CEO
Tom Freyer
Co-founder, Director, Board Member
Alidad Mafinezam
Policy Advisor, Board Member
William Slade
James F. Warren
General Council
Dr. Brent Graham
Director, Health Care Management
Penny Pope
Director of Human Services and Mental Health
Melodie Shafazand


Jacob Weiland
Technical Advisor
Leslie Anthony
Head Chef
Damiano Starr
Food Service Director
Dr. Eduardo Dolhun