End-to-end housing solutions provider

Tom Freyer

Co-founder, Director, Board Member

Tom is a branding maven (and produced screenwriter-storyteller) living in Los Angeles. After his son Zachary turned to drugs, became homeless and passed away, Tom vowed to spend the remainder of his life helping the homeless. His journey began with the realization that, given the high cost of California real estate, homelessness can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. He met MK and saw her remarkable property management system at Lake Merritt Lodge in Oakland. He saw how it respects the dignity of residents and rewards investors. Realizing how California’s high-value real estate could now be part of the solution, versus the problem, Tom eagerly joined her. Today, Tom is working to brand this unique system and help replicate it. Given his successful career creating ad campaigns for some of the world’s top brands, he’s well-suited to the task.

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