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Penny Pope

Director of Human Services and Mental Health

Penny is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with extensive medical knowledge, experience and assessment skills providing quality patient-focused health care.

Penny’s practice is to listen carefully, provide quality patient focused care. She enjoys working with overlooked patient populations in need of love, care and support, including veterans, seniors, the homeless population, especially low income and underserved populations and communities.

Despite their often unfortunate situations, Penny recognizes the need to provide the underserved the same quality health care as the rest of the population. Her rehabilitation skills not only helps restore their faith that someone cares, it prepares them to avail themselves of the other resources necessary to become self-sufficient. Penny possesses excellent assessment skills and will help Howzing ensure every individual receives the same benefits, quality health care and respect they deserve, regardless of their financial standing, age, demographics, color, creed or current situation.

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