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Introducing the U.B.Long Bracelet

Howzing’s latest breakthrough, the U.B.Long Bracelet, is our tailor-made solution designed to provide the highest level of care for our residents by utilizing the latest in wearable technology.

The U.B.Long Bracelet enables our residents to securely remain connected 24/7. They need only opt-in and register to send and receive notifications. Most importantly, the device could literally save someone’s life.

The bracelet links our residents to facility professional services and staff through their mobile phone, regardless if they’re on site or at a remote location. It provides healthcare services and push notifications along with the capability for medical professionals to monitor the unique healthcare needs of each individual, including blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels. In addition, it’s a completely secure front buiding entrance key which can’t be stolen, duplicated or transferred.

The U.B.Long Bracelet can provide emergency medical alerts to staff, realtime updates on facility services, event and calendar announcements, meal preferences, and so much more.

The U.B.Long Bracelet is a momentous step forward in our commitment to provide the highest level of care, safety and communications between our residents and staff. We will begin issuing them this year.

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